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Do you or your company need to:

  • Travel non-stop direct to a business destination?
  • Travel to business destinations not served by the airlines?
  • Travel at your own schedule, not by the airline's schedule?
  • Respond to a client's needs immediately?
  • Be productive while traveling?
  • Get cargo where it is needed immediately?

Call today for an estimate: 319-234-1783

With Livingston Aviation's Executive Charter Service, your company can take command of its travel schedule by flying up to seven staff members directly to its destination for that important meeting, and return when you connecting flights, no delays, no waiting in crowded terminals, and no lost luggage! Discover how Air Charter will increase your business travel efficiency, flexibility, and responsiveness, while saving your company time and money.

Livingston Aviation Executive Charter... Anytime. Anywhere. You have plans...places to go...people to see. Executive Charter Service is a convenient alternative to negotiating today's rigid commercial flight schedules and cramped seats. When you fly with Livingston, you fly apart from the crowds. You can go your own way and save valuable time. For your next trip, call our Executive Charter Service, and we will arrange all the details by providing the aircraft, catering, ground transportation, and whatever else it takes to make your flight convenient and comfortable. To start enjoying the benefits of charter, whether it's time savings, travel to multiple locations in less time, avoiding overnight trips or greater scheduling flexibility, just ask for our charter service.

The Advantages!

  • Airlines only cover 500 cities, we can fly to over 5000!
  • No delays, no waiting in crowded terminals
  • Privacy and Security
  • Personal Service
  • Catering available
  • Ground transportation pre-arranged
  • Avoid overnight stays by customizing your schedule
  • Travel to multiple locations in one day
  • Charters available 24 hours, 7 days a week
  • Departures from any airport locations
  • Emergency freight delivery
  • FAA-approved, Airline Transport Rated Pilots


Livingston Aviation offers Recreational Pilot through Airline Transport Pilot training in both fixed wing and helicopters. Give one of our experienced instructors a call today!  Read More.

Aircraft Sales

Buying or selling an aircraft? Give our aircraft sales specialist a call! Click here to check out our inventory and learn more.  Read More.


With Livingston Aviation your company can take command of its travel schedule by flying up to seven staff members directly to its destination... Read More.


About Livingston Aviation


Livingston Aviation is a full service FBO located in Waterloo, IA. If you are flying to Waterloo we are standing by to help you with all of your ground service needs. Whether it be hangar space, catering, oxygen service, or help with your overnight accomodations and transportation we will do our best to meet your needs. Livingston Aviation is also recognized for its extensive flight training, full service maintenance shop, and aircraft charter services. Give us a call, we're ready to help! Read More.