Accelerated Flight Courses

Combined Initial Commercial and Initial CFI Single Engine Land

Combining the Commercial and Certified Flight Instructor ratings is an economical and efficient way to achieve both ratings. Take advantage of the fact that the ground training and flight training for both ratings covers similar material!


Valid Basic Med Certificate or a minimum of a Third class medical certificate, Commercial, Fundamentals of Instructing, and Flight Instructor FAA written exams passed prior to arrival, hold a Private Airplane- Single Engine land and Instrument Airplane certificate, and have at least 240 hours of logged time as a pilot. Must have completed 10 hours of instrument training and 2 hour night cross country that meet FAR 61.129 requirements prior to course enrollment. Must be instrument proficient prior to arrival.

  • 10 Day Course
  • Piper Arrow
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Prices do not include Iowa sales tax of 7% or Examiner’s fee. For prices to be valid training must be completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to weather, unexpected maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Examiner Fee:
$600 per practical test, cash only.
$850 per Initial Flight Instructor practical test, cash only.

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