Accelerated Flight Courses

Private Pilot - Airplane

In around three consecutive weeks you could realize your dream of becoming a Private Pilot! We will work with you until your certificate is in hand. Let our experienced instructors help you learn the fundamentals of flight, weather and everything else you need to know to be a proficient Private Pilot.


Valid Basic Med or a minimum of a Third class medical certificate. You will also be required to take a written test at a local testing center at your expense.

  • 3 Week Course
  • Your Airplane
  • Cessna 152
  • Piper Archer
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Prices do not include Iowa sales tax of 7% or Examiner’s fee. For prices to be valid training must be completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to weather, unexpected maintenance, or other unforeseen circumstances.

Examiner Fee:
$600 per practical test, cash only.
$850 per Initial Flight Instructor practical test, cash only.

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